Custom production of precision machinery and equipment fastening screws M3*6.5 tapping screws

Short Description:

Material: 10B21 #.
Features: large output, mature process, environmental protection color zinc, cost-effective, product consistency is good, suitable for automatic production, quenching treatment is more durable, will not occur because of hydrogen embrittle screw fracture phenomenon, salt spray test 144H, durable.
Support technology: cold heading, wire rolling, heat treatment, environmental color zinc.
Minimum order quantity: 10000 PCS.
Supply capacity: 2000000 PCS/month.

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Technology mature


Incoming material: selected material, each batch of material supplier will provide the corresponding material report (physical and chemical properties).

Cold heading: stable processing size, high production efficiency.

Rubbing silk: it is provided by senior customized rubbing silk board supplier, which has good stability and is not easy to damage, so as to achieve rubbingStability of silk products.

Heat treatment: the hardness is stable, so that the products are not easy to crack, fracture and other phenomena, each batch with mechanical performance report.

Electroplating: the use of environmental protection color zinc, to avoid harm to human body, each batch of dehydrogenation treatment (including dehydrogenation record), reduce the risk of fracture, and each batch of salt spray test, salt spray 144H without red rust.

Screening: can screen out a small number of defective products produced by cold heading, wire rolling, heat treatment and electroplating, so as to improve the qualified rate of products delivered to customers Packing: the packing speed is fast and the quantity is accurate.

The finished product screening

Processing good plating screw products will choose through imaging screening machine, which ruled out due to the thread teeth rotted in the processing, inclined teeth, size, crosshead, or whether there is foreign body inside the wobbler, and so on and so forth legacy to the customer side, also avoid the other products of mixing caused by foreign body products, influence customer assembly caused by the problem of low efficiency.


The finished product packaging

The company contains semi-automatic packaging machine, can be packaged according to the number of customer requirements, can avoid the error in quantity, to achieve convenient delivery, so as to complete the delivery of customers on time

Customer side fixed screw installation video:

Product stability is good, can use automatic production, thus increasing production efficiency.


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Fixing screw M6*22.5

At present, the company has screw product specifications.


Good reviews, screenshots from customers.


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