Jieyi Auto Electric Appliance Co., LTD

Research and Development

Wuyuan Jieyi Automobile Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has a group of high-quality R & D team and technical engineers. We continue to push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve in technological innovation. With the gradual development of the world’s leading technology, we have obtained a number of national patents, whether it is small accessories or the whole product system, we always keep meticulous. We focus on technical talent and continue to attract fresh and diverse international talent, we consistently invest in high-end software and hardware to assist in design and development.

Experimental capability

Wuyuan Jieyi Auto Electric Co., Ltd. has a high-end laboratory, equipped with the latest, more than 95% of the experiments can be completed in our own laboratory, for product development and production to provide stable quality and continuous improvement of quality.
1. Measurement management system
2, precision detection
3. Mechanical performance test
4. Thermal test
5. Functional test, DV and PV test

The production line

Wuyuan Jieyi Automobile Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has been committed to improving their own level, with the international standards. Invest heavily in high-end equipment, constantly optimize and improve the process technology, and realize production automation and digitalization. The aim is to provide customers with better products, services, performance and competitive prices. We are vertically integrated in production, with most of the key components produced in-house. This not only enables us to better control our costs and improve the price competitiveness of our products, but also enables us to quickly respond to changes in the urgent needs of our customers in the automotive industry. It provides more flexible and timely support. Our product performance, competitiveness and service have won the favor of many customers.

Post time: Jun-09-2022