Application Trend Of Micromotor In Automobile Industry

Motor is one of the key parts of automobile. At present, the motor used in automobile parts not only has great changes in quantity and variety, but also has great changes in structure. According to statistics, each ordinary car is equipped with at least 15 sets of micro special motors, senior cars have 40 to 50 sets of micro special motors, luxury cars are equipped with nearly 70 to 80 sets of micro special motors. At present, China’s various auto parts with motor production has nearly 15 million units (statistics to the end of 1999), including fan motor about 25%, wiper motor 25%, starting motor about 12.5%, generator about 12.5%, pump motor about 17%, air conditioning motor about 2.5%, other motor about 5.5%. In 2000, there were more than 20 million micro special motors for automobile parts. Motor used in auto parts is usually distributed in the engine, chassis and body of the car. Table 1 lists the motor types in the 3 parts of the premium car and its accessories. The application of motor in automobile engine parts mainly refers to the application of motor in automobile starter, efI control system, radiator of engine water tank and generator. 2.1 Application of motor in Automobile Starter Automobile starter is an electric starting mechanical device of automobile engine. It is an indispensable and important part of automobile, and it is also widely used in tractors, motorcycles and other vehicles. In the above vehicle, when the starter is powered by DC, a large torque is generated, which drives the engine crankshaft to start the vehicle. Starter is composed of reducer, clutch, electrical switch and DC motor and other components (see Figure 1), of which dc motor is its core. **** FIG. 1 starting motor The traditional automobile starting motor uses the electromagnetic DC series motor. With the development and application of new materials, ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet materials are mainly used in dc motor, which produces high performance rare earth permanent magnet DC motor. It has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, large starting torque, stable starting, less energy consumption, safety and reliability, and prolong battery life, so that the traditional electromagnetic starter has been updated. In order to meet the automobile in 0.05 ~ 12L displacement, single cylinder to 12.
1, thin and short
The shape of automobile micro-special motor is developing towards the direction of flat, disc, light and short, in order to meet the needs of the specific environment of automobile. In order to reduce the size, first consider the use of high-performance Ndfeb permanent magnet material. For example, the weight of a 1000W ferrite starter is 220g, and the weight of ndfeb magnet is only 68g. The starter motor and generator are designed as a whole, which can reduce the weight by half. Direct-current permanent magnet motors with disc-type wire-wound rotors and printed winding rotors have been developed at home and abroad. They can also be used for cooling and ventilation of engine water tank and condenser of air conditioner. Flat permanent magnet stepper motor can be used in automobile speedometer, meter and other electronic equipment, recently, Japan has introduced ultra-thin centrifugal fan motor, thickness is only 20mm, can be installed in the frame wall surface is very small occasions for ventilation and cooling.
2, high efficiency
For example, after the improvement of the reducer structure of the wiper motor, the load on the motor bearing is greatly reduced (reduced by 95 percent), the volume is reduced, the weight is reduced by 36 percent, and the torque of the motor is increased by 25 percent. At present, most automobile micro-special motor uses ferrite magnet steel, with ndfeb magnet steel cost-effective improvement, will replace ferrite magnet steel, will make automobile micro-special motor lighter, high efficiency.
3, brushless
In accordance with the requirements of automobile control and drive automation, reduction of failure rate and elimination of radio interference, under the support of high-performance permanent magnet materials, power electronics and microelectronics technology, various permanent magnet DC motor widely used in automobile will develop to the brushless direction

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