Jieyi Auto Electrical Product Quality And Service Quality Self-Declaration

For further implement the State Council on the central committee of the communist party of China to carry out the action guidance for quality improvement, the implementation of the ministry “about promoting manufacturing product quality and service quality improvement of the implementation opinions”, boost the construction machinery industry quality brand, create a good atmosphere of quality and brand, achieve high quality of mechanical industry development, Our company actively cooperate with China Machinery Industry Federation to carry out product quality and service quality in the whole industry organization self-declaration is as follows:

1. Firmly implement national quality laws and regulations, national mandatory standards and quality guidelines and policies, establish quality legal awareness and quality philosophy.

2, earnestly assume the main responsibility of enterprise quality, always take quality as the life of the enterprise, to meet the needs of users and consumers as the eternal goal of the enterprise.

3, actively adopt advanced quality management methods, promote the upgrade of quality management system, firmly establish the concept of “quality first”, so that everyone clear quality responsibility, all strict quality.

4. Vigorously implement brand strategy, with the goal of creating Chinese famous brand and striving for world famous brand, promote the brand from China to the world.

5, actively adopt advanced standards, strictly eliminate counterfeit and shoddy, infringement and any unfair competition behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to provide users with true, accurate information and quality services; Strengthen after-sales service, establish a sound service network, and earnestly fulfill the service commitment to users.

6, take honesty as the core values, into the enterprise in the construction of spiritual civilization and culture, the good faith management idea into the whole process of enterprise production and management, establish a market-oriented innovation mechanism, by speeding up technological innovation, strengthen the technological transformation, increase new product development, constantly improve the quality of products supply.

Post time: Jun-09-2022